NFPA 1911 Pump Testing

Are you…

Someone that would like to own and operate your own pump testing / training business?

A fire department that’s wants to take control of the training and pump testing by owning a Pump Ops Simulator?

A fire department that would like information on one of our independent owners to come in and perform training or pump testing?

FD Internationals solution is the pump operations simulator. Developed specifically for training firefighters and pump testing fire apparatus pumps, FD International is your one stop for everything fire pump.


Fire Department Support Services New England Testing a 2000gpm Pump

In describing the pump ops simulator, we thought it would be best to answer your questions directly:

Q: How does the Pump Ops Simulator work?

A: Its all about recycling the water. With the Simulator recovery tank full of water, we’ll connect the 6” hard suction(s) hose to the pump intake(s). Pull prime and flood the pump with water from the recovery tank. Fully open the discharges on the truck and set the desired pressure. That it. The simulators computer system will then control the flow rates. As the control valves are opened and flow begins, the computer system records the flow, on a trend chart, through out the entire test. When the test is complete, the chart is saved to disk and/or printed out to give to the maintenance shop or owner of the truck for a record of how well the truck performed.

We use only the latest, most proven solid state electronics in our designs. We have the same technology that is used in power plants and refineries around the world to monitor pressure, flow, temperature, and level. There are no pitot tubes or gauges on any of our equipment.

When the water passes through the control valves, it is sent through our patented water direction baffle system. Once it passes there, it is directed back to the suction of the pump.

Q: How does the computer system work?

A: Good question. There are actually two computers on board each simulator. The main computer controller uses a proprietary software developed by FD International. After 14 years of business and hundreds of millions of gallons of water we’ve pumped, we have never had a failure of any of these computer systems. The second computer in the system we call the HMI. Human Machine Interface. This is the part that you actually use when operating the simulator. These computers are typical notebook or laptop computers and we have started using touch screen technology for the new machines. In addition, all of the HMI computers are wireless. We don’t have to connect wires to operate it.


Screen Shot of Actual Pump Test In Progress

Q: How many pumps can you test at one time?

A: Just one pump at a time. We have designed the pumps ops simulator to be operated by one person. We do routinely test 6 or 7 pumps a day with only one person. We feel, as most chiefs do, that it is better to only test one at a time and give that very expensive piece of apparatus our full attention.

Q: How much and what kind of maintenance is required?

A: There are only two recommended maintenance items on the Pump Ops Simulator. The first are the trailers wheel bearings. We recommend lubricating the bearings annually. The second are the O-rings on the flow transmitters. We recommend lubricating them quarterly. The pump ops simulator is built by firefighters for firefighters. Everyone involved with FD International is a firefighter ranging from volunteer fire departments to major metropolitan fire departments. This machine is designed by firefighters to be easy to operate and even easier to maintain.

Q: What additional equipment will I have to purchase to begin pump testing?

A: Nothing. FD International does not believe in “nickel and diming” people, businesses or departments. Everything you need to start pump testing is included. You might want a pop up canopy, maybe a table and chair, but you will not have to purchase anything else to start flowing from 1250 to 2000 gpm.

Each machine comes with enough hard suction and small diameter hose to test up to a 2000 gpm pump.

Q: Is the machine made of plastic?

A: No. FD Internationals pump ops simulator is crafted from 3/16” mild steel. We have all of the steel components made and formed at a local steel plant. All of our steel is made in the USA. Everything that water flows through, is made from stainless steel.


Structural Support Beam

Q: What kind of coating is on the pump ops simulator? Can I add my own company’s name or logo?

A: The machine is sprayed with an industrial primer on all sides and the bottom. The bottom and each end is sprayed with an industrial fire engine red paint. The sides are where we’ll have fun. Any logo, any color or mix of colors, pictures, patterns and text you want is included. Your only limited by your imagination. The inside of the machine is coated with an epoxy based coating material. We install this coating in-house and to a thickness of about 1/8 of an inch.


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Q: What is length of the warranty?

A: A full one year warranty on pretty much everything. We can’t cover if the machine is damaged, but if something is not working correctly, we’ll make it right.

Q: Does the Pump Ops Simulator come in different sizes?

A: The standard unit is capable of up to 2000gpm. The largest unit we have manufactured to date is capable of up to 3600 gpm.

Q: How long until I can get one?

A: Each machine is hand crafted and takes about 12 weeks to complete.

Q: What about after the sale?

A: We’re here for you. We’ll help you with marketing and advertising strategies, product placement in trade shows and different situations to avoid. When we deliver the machine, we’ll stay for a day or so and won’t leave until you are comfortable operating the Pump Ops Simulator. We’ll stay and help out with your first few pump tests. In a nutshell, it is no good to FD International if your machine is not operating. We want it to run.

When you buy one of our machines, you are part of the FD International Family.

Give us a call at 817-578-1224. We would love to discuss your own Pump Ops Simulator!

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