Promotional Assessment

FD International has developed a driver / operator promotional assessment procedure designed to provide the fire chief or promotional panel with a good, clear picture of the candidates ability to identify problems, solve problems and use critical thinking skills all while operating the apparatus pump and flowing water through several hose lines. This is as real as it gets.

FD International can assist as a third party, impartial, un-biased evaluator and proctor for your departments promotional testing.

We have worked closely with Training Officers, Fire Chiefs, & H.R. managers to create a promotional procedure that is accurate, fair, and cannot be protested. During each assessment, the pump operations training simulator’s computer system is recording 11 different data points in real time. When the assessment is complete, a print out of the results is created. The results can also be saved digitally. The bottom line of this program is either the candidates know their job, or they don’t. No in-between.

Coupled with a comprehensive written exam, FD International can assist your department in determining which candidate has the skills needed for promotion to driver / operator.

Written Exams

FD International currently administers 24 on line curriculum subjects in 3 different languages along with maintaining test banks for all of the subjects.

We have had the opportunity to create promotional tests ranging from driver / operator all the way to Deputy Chief.

We can custom design your written tests, using any number of text books, SOPs / SOG’s, manuals or other information sources you choose. We can assist in determining the appropriate number of questions, the style of the questions, and the difficulty of the questions.

The test formats can be as simple as filling out a bubble type or more advanced scantron sheets.

We can create the tests and answer sheets for your training or HR department to use, or we can proctor the test directly, as observers and impartial third party proctors.

Officer Promotional Assessment Center

We will work with your executive staff and HR department to create unique, comprehensive assessments for promoting of personnel to the officer corp. FD International wants to look deeper into a possible officer candidate. Beyond if he/she is a good test taker. We look at:

  • Ability to Prioritize
  • Decision and Critical Thinking Skills
  • Ability to function under stress

What we do:

We will ask each candidate the same series of questions. How they answer will depend on how the “interview” goes and where additional questions may “lead” to. Each process will be video taped. FD International staff will make recommendations based on each phase of the Assessment center.

These recommendations along with the video recordings, will be forwarded to your departments executive staff for final selection.

FD International can provide a third party, impartial, un-biased evaluators and proctors for your departments promotional testing.

Please let us know how we can assist you with your testing and promotional assessment needs

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